HealthTracker Ltd.
Caterham, UK


Team leader

Prof. Paul Gringras



Project staff

Nick Penkov


Helen Furse


Institute presentation

Founded in January 2012, HealthTracker Ltd is an SME, which focuses on developing health-based, web and IT solutions. It is involved in adapting the web-based HealthTracker platform to assist in developing and hosting web-based solutions for projects dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Brain Tumours, Suicidality, and Neuro-oncology.

The Directors of HealthTracker Ltd have extensive research experience as outlined below. Dr Paramala Santosh and Professor Paul Gringras have been involved in many multi-centred clinical trials and have developed many instruments and adapted them for web-based usage, some of which are being used in the STOP Project. Mr Nick Penkov, Director, HealthTracker Ltd, has had extensive experience in IT-based banking solutions and predictive decision making solutions.

Additional information
HealthTracker Ltd participates in WP2 and will assist web-based TROMs and TRaM assessments and datacapture using the HealthTracker platform. It will assist in improving the user interface, contribute to design, help with building a web-based training video for the use of the HealthTracker platform, and support the running of the platform.