The MILESTONE project is innovative and to the best of our knowledge, the first of its kind in world literature. It has been designed to understand the nature and magnitude of the CAMHS-AMHS divide across different health care context, develop and test an innovative model of care for improving transitions and outcomes, and develop common training and educational packages for clinicians across EU. It will provide a previously unavailable account of the process and outcomes of transition across differing healthcare models in the EU, map the organisational structures and processes at the interface of adolescent and adult services that influence transition, and provide evidence for improving transitional care in a cost-effective manner. Such an increase in understanding will feed directly into the work of multiple agencies providing health and social care to vulnerable adolescents including social services, primary care, school counseling and paediatricians who may offer alternate venues for help for individuals experiencing unsuccessful transition.
The biggest impact of the MILESTONE project will be to provide a comprehensive yet nuanced account of the organisation , policy and practice of care pathway for young people at the CAMHS-AMHS boundary across the EU.
The MILESTONE project will provide an as-yet unavailable account of the training  needs of both CAMHS and AMHS clinicians to improve the care and outcome of vulnerable young people with emerging mental illness, with particular focus on adolescents in transition.