What has MILESTONE achieved so far?

We are glad to inform you that the recruitment phase of the study has ended!

MILESTONE has successfully recruited over 1000 young people, 900 parents and carers and the mental health professionals working with them for both the RCT and the longitudinal study. The team has now collected a wide range of outcomes and other monitoring data at three different timepoints (baseline and two follow-ups), some data collected via face-to-face meetings with a MILESTONE Research Assistant (RAs) and some via online assessments. 

Over Summer 2018, data will be collected at the fourth and final timepoint. 

Other areas of work completed or well underway - For publications, please click here:

  • The mapping of current services and transitional policies is complete (WP1)
  • The new measures have been validated and the team are writing up of this process and hope to publish in a methods-focused journal later this year (WP2)
  • Data collection for the economic evaluation is progressing well (WP5)
  • The systematic review of literature concerning the ethics of transition is complete and an article has been accepted by BMC Medical Ethics (WP6)
  • Plans for dissemination – including the creation of a TEDx talk, a short theatrical production and a large celebration event to be held in spring 2019 – are emerging with the Young Project Advisors helping the research team to ensure that MILESTONE’s findings are accessible through a wide range of different avenues (WP7)
  • The team responsible for developing the new training package have mapped existing training about transition for mental health professionals from different disciplines (WP8)