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29 April 2019


Members of the MILESTONE team will be presenting the results of the project on 29 April 2019: tell your friends, and please come & check it out yourself! Click here to register & here to see the full programme of the public event "MILES TO GO: Improving transitional mental health care for young people across Europe"! In addition to learning about the key results of the project and watching a movie, there will be plenty of chances to ask questions, drink tea, and interact with other attendees!

Westminster, London, UK




16 - 18 Jan 2019

Final General Assembly Meeting

Venice, Italy


October 2018

WP4 - Trial Statistical Plan (SAP) ready!
For more information please click here.



9 October 2018

BBC coverage - "Mental illness: Why help ends at a milestone birthday", by Helena Tuomainen (The University of Warwick)



19 - 21 Sept 2018

10th Steering Committee Meeting


Wiesbaden, Germany


Summer 2018

MILESTONE Team - Winner of "Highly Commended" University Award!


Congratulations!! The University of Warwick (UoW) conferred the "Highly Commended" Public Engagement Award to the MILESTONE project team.  The certificate states that "MILESTONE [...] has been working closely with young people going through this transition to build up their skills and confidence to talk about the service they have received, and been using the voice of the young people to help raise awareness of the issues young people face around Mental Health care. MILESTONE has also encouraged research assistants to get involved in all elements of public engagement, helping them to learn new skills and gain experience. The MILESTONE team has presented at the Public Engagement Network conference, and have signed up to the Pint of Science festival in May. They have welcomed and embraced public engagement with the project, and have been a pleasure to work with."


6 - 8 February 2018

5thGeneral Assembly Meeting


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


20-22 Sept 2017

8th Steering Committee Meeting 

Ghent, Belgium


8 - 10 Feb 2017

4th General Assembly and 7th Steering Committee Meeting

Warwick, United Kingdom


21 -23 Sept 2016

6th Steering Committee Meeting 


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


July 2016

Thoughts on the importance of keeping NICE guidance clear and unambiguous (by Swaran Singh, Professor of Psychiatry)


July 2016

ZEIT ONLINE on mental healthcare during adolescence and the MILESTONE project (article in German):

Spitzname Psycho

Borderline, Schizophrenie, ADHS – schon Jugendliche haben häufig psychische Probleme. Sie brauchen spezielle Therapien. Doch an diesen mangelt es, kritisieren Psychiater.


June 2016

MILESTONE wins Service User Involvement Award 


The MILESTONE project won this year’s joint MQ & CRN Mental Health Service User Involvement Award. The award recognises the invaluable contribution of the MILESTONE Young Project Advisors, Leanne, Amanda, Charlotte, Jude and Anna, who have played a crucial role in informing the project design and the day-to-day running of the study. MQ is a charity working to transform mental health through research. CEO of MQ, Cynthia Joyce, and representatives from the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN), Jozella Mearhart and Carly Craddock, organised a celebratory lunch at the Studio in Birmingham on 16th June attended by Chief Investigator Swaran Singh, members of the MILESTONE team and Young Project Advisers Leanne and Amanda. 


27-30 June 2016

Royal College of Psychiatrists - International Congress 2016

Transition across Europe: Mapping current structures, policies and practices in over 20 European countries in the MILESTONE study

Dr. Giovanni de Girolamo, Head of Epidemiological Psychiatry, St John of God Clinical Research Centre, Brescia, Italy


May 2016

MILESTONE researchers meet Luciana Berger


Luciana is the Shadow Minister for Mental Health, and met with the students to discuss the issues around transition from CAMHS services in the UK. She is keen to support initiatives that address mental health issues in the UK, such as the gap between services for young people and adults. On photo from left to right: Ms Priya Tah (Research Associate, University of Warwick), Dr Cathy Street (Service user consultant MILESTONE), Luciana Berger, Amanda Tuffrey (Young Project Advisor MILESTONE), Dr Paramala Santosh (King's  College London)


April 2016

Professor Patrick McGorry (Australia) is a MILESTONE SCEAB member, and he takes an activist point of view on the access of young people to mental health services in an exclusive interview for "ESCAP Online". In his opinion, “a massive double standard between mental illness and somatic illness” exists. Specifically in their transition from youth to adulthood, adolescents with mental health problems often meet the healthcare system at its weakest. Professor McGorry also presented a keynote lecture at the ESCAP 2017 Geneva Congress. 


12-15 March 2016

24th European Congress of Psychiatry - Madrid, Spain

Workshop: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Europe: The Current Scenario and the Future Prospects

Chair: Swaran P. Singh, Speakers: Giovanni de Girolamo, Swaran Singh, Fiona McNicholas, Parmala Santosh



Feb 2016

Transition from children's to adults' services for young people using health or social care services

Feb 2016

VIDEO: What is psychosis? 

Santé Théâtre Warwick

Find out about the much stigmatised condition from two professional psychiatrists: Professor Swaran Singh (Warwick University) and Dr. Matthew Broome.

Feb 2016

Documentary on the making of the play CRACKED

Santé Théâtre Warwick


17-19 Feb 2016

3rd General Assembly and 5th Steering Committee Meeting

Dublin, Ireland 


21-23 Sept 2015

4th Steering Committee Meeting

Split, Croatia

Nov 2015

4th Royal College of Psychiatrists Awards 2015


Paramala Santosh's clinical team (KCL) won the Royal College of Psychiatrists "Team of the Year Award 2015 - children and adolescents"

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4-6 Feb 2015

2nd General Assembly and 3rd Steering Committee Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

16-18 Dec 2014

San Servolo, Italy

13-14 Sept 2014

2nd Steering Committee Meeting

Madrid, Spain

12-13 Sept 2014

Consultation Meeting WP1

Madrid, Spain

16 June 2014

For a transition without breakdown

Montpellier, France

5-7 Feb 2014

MILESTONE Kick-off Meeting 


Windsor, United Kingdom