Policy makers in all involved countries will be brought on board early in the course of the project. We will also include respresentatives of patient and carer organisations, professional associations and relevant charity sector organisations. We will provide regular and structured feedback to these key stakeholders throughout the project, keeping them engaged and interested and hence ensuring that the project and its findings are incorporated in policy making at the highest levels throughout the EU.
The MILESTONE dissemination strategy will consist of several strands. Different stakeholders within both general and mental health interests will be identified at both national and European level. Target audiences include policy makers, scientific community, healthcare professionals, patients’ representatives, health insurance companies, family associations, patients associations and the citizens.
Special care will be devoted to making sure that appropriate languages and formats for all the target audiences (academic, clinical, public etc) are used. A long-term perspective in disseminating the knowledge and learning from the MILESTONE project will be developed. In this, partnerships and networks with target bodies will be strategically developed, to support both short- and long-term dissemination. International and national scientific and professional societies, as well as family and patient associations, and policy makers will be also involved.