• What is the MILESTONE Study?

    MILESTONE looks at how to improve the transition process and experiences for young people from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS), in the UK and across Europe. The main aim of the study is to make sure that young people who need transitioning move to appropriate services in AMHS so that they continue to receive treatment for their specific mental health problem.

    We are a group of researchers and mental health experts from eight different European countries with a special interest in young people’s mental health and transition.
    So that we can identify whether the current system caters for the needs of young people approaching transition in CAMHS, or whether a managed transition under the MILESTONE study provides better support, it is important to compare groups: we will compare young people going through transition as usual with those going through managed transition which includes feedback from a decision making instrument called Transition Readiness and Appropriateness Measure (TRAM).
    Both groups of young people will be involved in the study for a maximum 27 months. This is because we want to find out how young people get on after experiencing either usual care or the MILESTONE managed transition or discharge from service.

  • What about Ethics ?

    The study will be reviewed by an Ethics committee. Once approval is given, recruitment to the study can begin. Beyond that, a group of international and well-known researchers (so called Scientific Clinical and Ethical Advisory Board (SCEAB)) who are not part of our MILESTONE team and therefore independent will monitor the proper conduct of the study.